Saturday, 13 June 2015

Post credit cut scene.

All decent scifi/superhero film has a cut scene at the end of the millions of credits that feel like they go on for a fortnight? in good tradition here is ours....

the credits are really all just about money... and following sad passing of Leonard Nemoy, the geek in me found joy at the request from the Canadian bank asking people to stop spockifying the $5 notes. the rebel in me had to just have a go.... printed the notes in full colour, drew on the rough outline and then coloured in with fineliner - not as good as some, but will look nice in a UFO somewhere.

have a go yourself, although I haven't managed to figure out how to mess with the UK notes yet,  so for the moment I just keep searching for more inspiration. Check out these 

INTERNATIONAL DAYS:  Yesterday was international superman day and in his honour I created these little cards, for a time I was addicted to creating 6 word story round ups on my favourite movies/superheros so these cards will be getting added to the collection.

just an hour or so work, mainly used waiting for things to dry, first draw out the logo very lightly, and paint with my favourite tool the drawing gum, leave to dry, and then lightly roughen up in some places so there are no perfect lines.  sprayed dylusion inks on a glass mat with some water and slapped the paper down right over the top. leave to dry.  then rub off the drawing gum and sketch out your superhero. colour in with a black pen and KAPOW a mini watercolour effect card.


finally I get to tell you who won...

 just to let you know Lou has picked the winners as: 

all that is left is to thank everyone for taking part, its been wonderful to see the beautiful art that is being created in all its different guises    
and to know in this mighty big world, universe, and ether we are not alone.

I'll post this on FB and contact the winners directly for a £10 voucher of their choice from either Country View Crafts or Art from the Heart.

let us know if you have any ideas of any interesting 'days' coming up and we;ll see if we can do a project to match, and I'm sure we'll be back long before Halloween.

Laugh, love, live long and prosper.

jas x


  1. LoL - these are AWESOME !!! :-D

    IKE in Greece xxx

  2. That's hilarious! that the bank had to ask people to stop. Did you find any on real notes? patsy