Friday, 10 October 2014

10 Chalking up the Coffins

Loved yesterdays project from Jas and what a great giveaway from Rebecca.

Have you left a comment yet?  You've got to be in it to win it!!

Todays little project can be completed in under 1 hour once you have gathered all your supplies and it involves mixing up your own chalkboard paint.  Oh the possibilities!!

22cm x 11.5 cm thick chipboard or mountboard
5.5cm x 5cm thick chipboard
1 teaspoon Grout powder
8 teaspoons BLACK acrylic paint
102cm wire, I used thin garden wire
5 x Small bats, I cut mine with my sizzix die.
5 x Sticky Dots
5 x small circles.


This is my template, I took a DL envelope folded it in half and eyeballed it!!  I have marked on the measurements if you want to follow it.

This is the coffin cut from chipboard,mine was a bit flimsy, I suggest you use a sturdier base.

To make your CHALKBOARD paint, MIX 1 part grout : 8 parts acrylic paint, you don't need very much hence my suggestion in the list to use teaspoons!!

Apply 2 coats of Chalkboard paint, allow the first coat to dry, it only takes a few minutes.

Next cut the wire into 6 x 17cm pieces.  Attach the bats to 5 of them, I used glue dots.

Next take the 5.5cm x 5cm piece of card, cover one side with double sided sticky tape, attach the bats on wire, bent as desired and using the last piece of wire, make a hanger.  I applied double sided sticky tape over the top to help secure the wire.

NOTE: The sticky tape side will face the front of the coffin.

Attach to the back of the coffin.

Rub chalk all over the coffin to 'season' it, wipe the chalk away, its now ready to use.


I have entered this into the Crafting by Designs Boo Challenge.

Rebecca is up again tomorrow, I wonder what devilish dark delights she has in store for us.

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  1. Another fun spooky make. Keep them coming ladies I love seeing your creations every day.