Sunday, 12 October 2014

12. Gory movies

I loved, loved, loved yesterdays Zombie, thank you Rebecca, I'm definitely giving that one a try :)

Everyone has seen a horror movie or two, or a film that was just a horror to watch,  some of which have quote or tag line that make it into popular culture or just your inner ear worm.

Why not mix them up for a nice quick and easy splat challenge, to create a page for your junk journal to go with Lou's covers.

First: pick the first movie quote that pops into your mind or a film that has some gore in it, if you're stuck there are plenty internet sites that help you find the top 25 horror movies, or tag lines, top 101 film quotes etc.

Next decide what type of background you want for this, I've had a go at a couple of layouts to hopefully get you inspired, and went with the standard black or white base, which can be coloured as much or as little as you like.

Finally and most importantly get your runny ink, sprays, or water down some paint, a very loose bristled brush or old toothbrush, read the disclaimer* below before beginning (be warned splatting causes the ink to go further than in a spray bottle) stand well back and splat.

For a fine mist I dipped the toothbrush into some ink 
(or scraped some of the ink from the spare splats), using the very tip of my thumb rubbed against it. You can change the direction of the spray, short rubs will get bigger drops where as going against the whole of the brush will give a finer mist but have less directional control.  

I went with 2 different techniques for adding the quote, added after the splats (red ink and birds) the black background + psycho designs I added the wording first, using Pebeo drawing gum to mask off the lettering, once completely and thoroughly dry, gently rub off the gum, leaving the background to show through and stand out - if one or two stray drops have snuck through cover them with marker.

If you want your writing to show up clearer, you have to make sure you get it 'bright' around the lettering, if you don't quite manage it, use a similar shade pen to deepen the colour, using a tiny tapping motion getting lighter the further away you go.  You can see I didn't get the effect I wanted first time around so have added more white. 

For larger splats, either use a long loose bristled brush, or the straw type thing inside the cap of a spray bottle works great.  If using the spray cap thingy it has a lot of ink already inside it, so you should get a really good coverage just with that.  The less ink you load your brush with the better the effect than if its sopping. 

You can also get different shaped splats, if you flick against a vertical surface and touch your paper too it, its less circular drops/drips, more directional spatter.

With any project you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want, adding printed quotes, or adding background imagery, its totally up to you. 

I hope you have a go, and have as much fun as I did there is something artistically freeing about just inking up and letting it fly.. Good luck on the clean up xx

I have entered this into the A Step In the Darkness Challenge.

Jas x 

Psst,  if you have any pieces that you aren't quite happy with, keep them safe they might come in handy later on for another quick project.

*Disclaimer - I do all my splatting in the bath, a) because I've dyed my hair more colours than Joseph's coat so I know it will rinse down and come completely clean, b) I don't have to worry about getting the ink stains anywhere else. I also occasionally ink outside on the grass, because it'll either wash off or cut out, and in a week no one will know  the difference... DO NOT spray or splat without protection that you are happy with and any stray or permanent spots are not my fault. be warned splatting causes the ink to go further than normal spraying..