Wednesday, 15 October 2014

15. Junk key...surprise!

Thanks for joining me on this Wicked Wednesday! Now every good, bad or ugly witch, warlock or wizard, needs to keep their things locked away, and if they're anything like I am it needs to be a bulky keyring so they aren't lost down the back of the sofa.

It's a pretty simple concept lovingly 'borrowed' from an art blog pal of ours called DonnaLouiseRogers, as can be seen in more detail here: grab an old looking key - make sure its not one you're going to need at some point, and start adding to it.

Alternatively if you don't have a big enough key, or want more use out of the finished piece try a kilt pin brooch instead.


Recently for a friends wedding I had a padlock engraved with their details, and gave them a shadow box frame, the idea was to either put their padlock in a collection, or somewhere special that has meaning to them both and use the frame as normal.


Frame their lock, adding things to to it as they went, their baggage clips, festival bands, keyrings from day trips, ticket stubs, babies hospital bands etc as life moves on.  I was thrilled when I went around to find it hung on their wall as living art of their life together 
without having to get out an album or three

The padlock idea sprung from the original Junk key and either or both can be used for a variety of projects like weddings or moving home, but Halloween themed is definitely much more fun and is finished quicker - in theory :)

Anyway once you've found a starting point, just keep adding to it, whether it be charms, beads, chain, ribbon, little potion bottles, papertags, stamped bits, shrink plastic, scraps of leather, etc until its nearly lost, then either frame it or put in a little matchbox as lost and found. 

If you've made a brooch attach to your coat or bag and wear for the rest of the season

These are my starters for 10: 

*To be truthful I'm not as happy with these as I want to be at the moment, (wrong key, not enough papery things, etc) however I am going to carry on adding to them and by the weekend they should be how I want them, at which point I'll add a new pic.


Surprise! I'm going to give these away including a brand new pair of earrings just about the same as in the photo (but never worn).. Me being busy carrying on with these gives you some time to comment on our pages, and fb group. Any new comment (preferably a nice one and 'likes' don't count it has to be a comment) that has been made between last weeks draw and the same time this weekend qualifies. So go on have a poke around and see what you've missed.

I'll pick out 3 random winners to send to, no specifying which you'd prefer as that would take organisation. It's not a pretty picture. I don't like doing it!

I am entering this in the Left of Centre Altered Art Challenge.

Jas x

This weeks wicked Wednesday Winners for the Junk key, kilt pin or earings are in no particular order:

If your name matches the above and you posted on our blog or FBpage between Saturday 1201 and Friday Midnight, email your address to and I'll post one of the items to you
Thanks for joining us, and keep an eye out for our next give away.


  1. I love the idea of the padlock in the frame - constantly being added to. Just lovely. As are your keys and pins.

  2. Great project, love the pin :)

  3. Love the key and pin. Fabulous ideas there

  4. Love the pin. Thanks for joining us at LOC. PennyRae DT

  5. That is a fantastic idea, I'm just working out what handmade art I want for my hall and I think that's on the list.
    Claire xx