Thursday, 30 October 2014

Quick Bat project - By Tazz

Thank you for letting me do a super quick project.

Grab your empty toilet roll inners, some black card, possibly some black paint, a pair of scissors, and couple of pens to decorate.
Using your thumb, start by bending the top third of the roll into the middle, then turn over and do the other side. Pick which side looks the nicest.

 Open the folds back out and cut the side you didn't like off.  nip in the edges of the corners if they stick out, then refold your front back down. this gives you the ears.

Next draw one side of your wings, cut out and draw around the mirror image for the other side, cut out second wing.
Place your wing on the side of your bat, and mark the top and bottom with a pencil, with a pokey tool or scissors cut the pencil lines and join up in the centre, this allows you to insert your wings to glue up the inside. 

Once the wings are attached draw the face, 

One cute little bat.

Alternatively you can use the same technique for a cat or any other pointy eared creature.

I have entered this into the Artistic Inspirations Challenge for spooky.

Thanks for reading, 

Tazz x


  1. Super fun, love it thanks tazz

  2. Thanks Tazz, these are super cute.

  3. Great fun project, thanks for joining us at Artistic Inspiration with this weeks challenge hugs Tania (DT) xx