Friday, 28 November 2014

Floods, spoilers and even more to give away!!

Hello there!!

Well like buses you wait ages for one post and two come along all at once :)

A little while ago I mentioned Scott Wong's flood the streets with art part II on our face book group, asking if any of you lovelies out there were participating. If you have, please share with us on the Weird Scissors FB page so we can see what you were up to..

Here's mine:
Ode to Neverland, 5x7 dylusions painted background, glitter paste, image transfer of the Newcastle skyline silhouette.
My take on a image.
These are a couple made with some of my favourite new paints.
This one:
Ode to Cinders,  5x7 canvas board, deep blue glass paint and lightening medium, with sand 'Moon' Paint, Gold foiling done with gedeo Mixtion relief.  Lashings of encased glitter with ' a dream is a wish your heart makes' quote.
I had the best afternoon playing with the different effects you get when you add the vitrail and moon paint together:

Starting with a blank 5x7 canvas board, I outlined my main silhouettes and painted them in Paynes grey. Using the Pebeo Vitrails paint (I only mention the name as I don't know if this technique works with other glass paints - I am NOT on commission, mores the pity :) ) in deep blue, parma, rose and turquoise, along with lashings of the lightening medium I painted the 'background' over the top.
Next while it was all still wet, I used the Pebeo Moon paint -in sand- and using a pin I pushed tiny little drops into the already painted background (see the first image). I left it to dry overnight and when I returned the tiny pin drops had spread out and mixed into the surrounding paint, the bigger the drop the wider the spread, really easy but quite effective. (see second picture) I almost wish I had risked doing more as in the overall image some of this is lost, but now I know for next time.  Once it was completely dry, as I didn't want the next bit to mingle, and summoning my inner Klimt, I went in again with the moon paint adding the odd rectangles over the top, and lastly after adding the quote in Posca I added the Gedeo Mixtion relief over the wording and some of the moon paint.

to create this : a Tangled ode.

You will have to forgive my photography skills it really isn't showing the mirror foiling to its fullest, it really is shiny...

My last art litter is one for the boys and geeks of all denominations, its a print of one of MessyPanda's designs, with permission and added glitter. :)

SPOILERS - All of the weird scissors will be celebrating the festive season with a weekend of twisted Christmas fun on the 6th and 7th December, accompanied by the new regular Left of Centre posts on a Friday.

GIVE AWAY - because I was playing with these new paints and I wasn't sure how they were going to end up I created multiples, rather than leave them out and about as I can't go that far, I'm offering to put one of each in a draw and I'll even let you pick which one,

Leave a comment on here or on our FB page by midnight 7th December, including which one/s you would be prepared to give a home too (Neverland, Cinderella, Tangled or Starwars) and if we end up with more than one request for the same one I'll draw names out of a hat. Winners will be drawn and notified on Monday 8th December 2014,


  1. Oh these are gorgeous and I've never heard of those paints!

    I'd love to go in the draw - my favourite is a Tangled ode. I didn't see the title of that one at first and was going to comment how it reminded me of 'that' scene :) Beautiful.

  2. Wow there is some lovely art there :D , I'm doing Art and Design and Uni and that's better than some of the art I've seen around there :P