Friday, 9 January 2015

LOC Weekly Challenge

Happy New Year to you all.  We start this year off with a couple of pieces for the Left Of Centre (LOC) challenge.  This week they are showcasing digi stamps by Ikesart, I picked this grumpy looking TROLL to work with.  I'm still perfecting the art of working with digi stamps, however, what I do like is that you can flip them and re size them to suit, which I did for my first piece.


1. Take an old piece of card and cover with old book pages of your choce, I stuck these down with a regular glue stick.
2. Slap on lots of red, orange and pink acrylic paint, when dry, slap on some bronze paint.  I used an old credit card to smoosh the paint around.
3. Using a crackle stamp and archival ink, stamp randomly over the bacground to mess it up a bit.  
4. Cut out a scallop edge along the bottom, and ink up all the edges.

TROLL and Window

5. Resize Troll image to preferred size and print out.  Then colour as desired.  I used some old shimmer chalks and a black permanent pen to define some of the outlines etc.
6. Measure Troll and cut a smaller piece of card to fit the Troll.  Cover the card in black crumpled tissue paper and over stamp with crackle stamp amd bronze ink.
7. Attach Troll to this background.
8. Decide where you wish to place the window, measure and cut the window from the base.  Using old grey embroidery thread, or something similar (garden wire would work too) make the bars glueing them to the back of the base card.
9. Attach the Troll behind the bars.

10. Print out your chosen quote, cut out and randomly stamp with black archival ink and a splatter stamp to grundge up the words, glue in place.  I also used a scrap piece of card, wrote on the month and year, grundged up the card before glueing in place.

My next wee project was to have a game of Exquisite Corpse using just his head. 

1. I googled Prince Charming and used those images as a basis for chest. I used felt pens to colour.
2. The Ballerina section was made up of layers of tissue paper.
3. The feet are from a Gremlin digi stamp FWIVER which I cut out and tweaked to fit.
4. I made a mask of the full image and then coloured the background with my trust chalk pastels then overstaped with silver in and a crackle stamp.  

NOTE: If I was to do this again  I'd create the background seperately and cut out each part and glue in place!!  

TFL  Lou x


  1. BRILLIANT !!! These are amazing :-) I luv the sentiment on the top one and the 2nd one just had me rolling about with laughter. :-D Thank you very much for using my images :-D
    IKE xx

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  2. Love your trolls and perspective.

    Thanks for entering Design Team Showcase.

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