Saturday, 9 May 2015

Star Wars Saturday and a giveaway

Welcome to the next instalment for super sci-fi month, and this time I had to go for Star Wars. This should probably have gone up on May the Fourth but you can't have everything, right?!

Today's little project is a Death Star candle. The best part about it - you don't even need the Force and can destroy it with just a match.

Now, you're going to need some equipment for this - namely a Star Wars Death Star mould. You can pick them up for a couple of quid from ebay, as long as you're prepared for a long wait for them to come from a galaxy far, far away (aka China), or a little more if you want them a little closer to home.

If you're into candle making or want to give it a try then there are loads of helpful instructions out there on the web and this is not the post you are looking for. If you're like me and don't have all these things, then just take an existing candle, grate the wax into a pyrex jug and put the jug into a pan of simmering water until the wax melts.  The mould comes with a little hole at the top which you can carefully pour the wax into until it's full. I used the wick from the candle and put it through the hole whilst the wax was still molten, then chill until it's set. As this mould is spherical just trim a little off the bottom so that it stands up and that's it.

Looks much better in real life but my camera and I do not play nicely together, and looks great lit up.

I also think you can use this mould to make soap and bath bombs - o many ays to destroy the Death Star :)

The giveaway bit - leave a comment here or in our facebook group for a chance to win your own handmade candle, plus don't forget to show us your own sci-fi/fantasy creations for a chance to win some craft store vouchers. This is the address for the Linky tool

Back tomorrow with another little post and until then, may the Force be with you.



  1. I love this and handily already have the mould just no ideas what to do with it... i now know what to gift my brother... thanks xx

  2. Love it!! But wouldn't want to use it!!!!!!!! LOL