Saturday, 2 May 2015

They're HERE....

The first post to welcome you to the start of scifi month. oooooweeeeooooo.

Where we are celebrating a host of things scifi related in some (possibly vague) way.

This month I've been making some bleached t-shirts - using some very cheap cotton tees.
This is my favourite of the bunch, a silhouette of serenity from firefly sailing?!? into the universe. and away from the word 'shiny' in circular Gallifreyan. Total geek overload, but I like it.

So grab your sticky backed plastic, a spray bottle of diluted Milton *other bleach products are available, a smidge of imagination. and join me while I have an absolute ball.

Firstly get an idea of the design you want to create (game of thrones vs starwars design for example) - or use someone elses (with permission) in my case from my brother.  Adjust the contrast so you just end up with a stark version and print it out in mirror image.  Stick your image loosely to the paper side of your sticky back plastic *this means when you cut it out to stick on its the right way around. and start cutting.

As this had wording, and I wanted to keep it correctly spaced, I laid some scruffed up masking tape (so its not very sticky) on the image and put my lettering down on top of it... then peeled away the paper backing and stuck it to my t shirt. I used a sheet of cardboard from a box down the middle so it lies flat, and so I didn't accidentally bleach all the way through.

Once I'm happy with the positioning, and everything is well stuck down, I very carefully unpeeled the masking tape leaving the plastic firmly stuck in place.  filling a mini spray bottle with clean water *mines about 40 mls, and dropped in some bleach, for my black tops I ended up using a full tablet of milton per the 40mls, but for the other coloured tops below it was around 3/4 of a tablet, you really just have to spray and leave it for a bit to see if you have it strong enough, however if you're using a strong liquid bleach no more than 50/50 mix. will do the trick.

when spraying use some kitchen towel to dab away any access puddling on the plastic, then wait, and wait and wait a little more and finally:  Ta dah..

as soon as you are happy with the colouring, remove the plastic and the cardboard and drop it in some cold water to deactivate the bleach. rinse it through and put it in the washer on its own or only with other bleached items for the first wash. then dry and wear.

I've also made these harry potter esq tshirts
 the mischief managed design is in the bottom right corner on the back of the I solemnly swear tee.

and as I was careful in cutting out the letters for the above design, I was able to line them back up again using the masking tape trick and transferred the whole negative image of the design onto a second tshirt. 2 different looks for the same amount of work.

Finally I have a Dr who weeping angel design ready to stick. but I can't for the life of me find the tshirt its going on... if you've any idea where it's hiding drop us a line either here or on facebook. 

Also remember to show us your project* for a chance to win real life craft vouchers. (*see previous posts or facebook for terms)  You can now use this link up tool to participate.

Stay shiny

Jas x 


  1. These are brilliant Jas!!

  2. OMG! These are AMAZING!

  3. These are very impressive, what a fabulous idea. Who knew Milton sterilising tablets had such a creative use!!

  4. Fantastic!!! Great ideas! love them! x