Sunday, 19 October 2014


Today we have something a little different for you.  Enjoy!

Winifred ' A Bad Witch Gone Good '

Win had grown tired of her usual spells

Enduring a lifetime of strong pungent smells

Hemlock and toads in the cauldron would bubble

Creating for mankind all sorts of deep trouble

Not to mention the broomstick that kept breaking down

Leaving her stranded and freezing in town

Yes her tether was taut and her gnarled knuckles white

Beginning to think should she give up the witch fight

A night on the brew and she came to her senses

Sensing her beauty she let down her defences

' I do have a choice!' And with heaven in sight

The heart chains unfolded and the Black Witch turned White

Hearts and souls and Angels wings

Now casting her spells using wonderful things

Sweet aromatics floating into the air

Casting love and light and destroying despair

But as we witches know, this simply can't be

We watched as she thought she could really break free

The sisterhood's grip that creates the worlds struggle

Would never release her from grim toil and trouble

As a lone tear slipped down the beautiful cheek

A witch once grown strong had again become weak

The chains she so heartfelt had wrestled to sever

Now hold her and us in their cold grip forever.

by BJ Crockett

This is a canvas dedicated to Winifred and her life on the dark side, I couldn't resist
including the ball and chain!!   As Winifred went back to her old ways, I decided
to try my hand at an old technique for the silvery web.    

I hope this poem or my canvas inspires you to either write your own wee Halloween ditty or create your own piece of Winifred art.  We'd love you to share either or both with us.

A big thanks to BJ Crockett for her amazing poem, I hope we get a chance to see
more of her poetry soon.

TFL Lou x


  1. This is a gorgeous canvas and a beautiful poem.. can I ask what your technique is for the spiderwebbing please?

  2. its an old maths technique Jas, not sure it has a catchy name but the link to the maths page might help. I used glittery sewing threads. It is very effective isn't it.

  3. Each line is an individual strand of glittery thread which was attached with double sided sticky tape. Once all the strands were in place I covered these with masking tape, which I then painted over in black gesso. Hope this makes sense. Do I need to do a tutorial?

  4. Aw, poor Winifred. Love this post and your canvas is gorgeous.