Friday, 24 October 2014

24. Join the Splots

Hello again, a quick but fun one from me today, using up any splatty backgrounds you weren't happy with for gory movie and to get your creative juices literally flying free.

Join me in the bathroom or in your splat zone with your runny ink or watery paint and a very loose paintbrush, while I talk about Ralph Steadman.  

More specifically a ink 'painting' he did during his recent documentary 'for no good reason' with Johnny Depp,  Not knowing if you saw this I'll just quickly explain what happened and what I'm doing today.

While filming, he prepared his surface, dunked his brush in a pot of ink and for want of a better word slapped the brush down, leaving a big splodge on the surface.  From this scratched, sprayed and inked a man (with a spooky resemblance to Jimmy Nail i think)

To me it's a phenomenal talent to turn something so uncontrolled into an distinctive image, and as 'uncontrolled' is not a word commonly used with my work as I lean towards the precise, detailed with clean lines. But I do want to do something to dip my toe into the mixed media art journal craze, a little bit wonky and weird, and this is a guilt free one off leap of faith.

What is important to me is that its not what you create out of the splat its all about having a go. I freely admit haven't a millionth of his ability to do this, but I thought this was something I could have a go at and try to build on.

My first attempt:

Just from the same splat techniques from last week, I had some spare black inky pages and started drawing circles around to make eyeballs and faces,

Looking at my second page I could see the outline of wings, so I joined the dots and created this little fella.

Feeling a little braver next I let my brush 'hit' the paper giving a completely different look..

Its scary when you first see them dry so I tried look at them a couple of times, casually walk past them as I leave them around, and then looked at them as if they were those 90s magic eye paintings, what can you see??

They may not be amazing, but it was really more than a little fun, Have a go and what is to lose, it boils down to a couple of sheets of paper, and a hair raising few minutes of ink flinging, what's the worst that can happen?*

I have entered this in the Left of Center Challenge Blog.

I'd love to read your thoughts or see your work on the FB group,

Jas x

*please read disclaimer on Gory movie page, its not my fault Thelma. :)


  1. This is supercool, I love this idea, I can see some mesy fun being had with this. Particularly loving the bat page. Thanks Jas, its a great technique to play with.

  2. Very clever and I adore the Bat :-D This is definitely out of my comfort zone cuz I am like you for fine lines and fiddly work. I might give it a bash though :-)

    IKE xx

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  3. Cool idea, I might try this on a journal page.
    Claire xx