Sunday, 26 October 2014

26. Don't Open The Door!

Wow Lou, a fantabulous project yesterday and one I will be making as it would go well with my offering for today.

Heard of fairy doors? Little doors that you place around your house, often next to the skirting, to let the fairies in. Phht - we want no butterflies and flowers and fairy dust coming in at this time of year. We want to welcome something scarier into our homes, right?

So, in the spirit of fairy doors, I present some Halloween doors.

First thing that came to mind was zombies. Of course, you probably don't want to let them in because they'll wreck your house and eat your brains right? So, I did a keep out door, using corrugated card as the base, the frame from a small shadowbox like the one I used for my Danse Macabre post, and faux planks of wood (see my witch's birdhouse post for details). A little gel pen for the nails, some printed zombie tape, a zombie picture behind the frame (mostly hidden) and some arms from the cheapest of cheap pound shop fake barbies, painted green, and bob's your uncle.

See, I told you not to throw away the dolls after you use the legs for Lou's project.

But why stop at zombies? Why not go horror as well? So next, I did a psycho door. Same corrugated card base, a bit of scrap sheer-ish fabric and some eyelets, glued onto the perspex from the shadow box frame for sturdiness. I slashed it a bit and added some alcohol ink for the blood. I also pooled some glossy accents at the bottom, coloured with the same red alcohol ink, and when it dried you have a nice pool of blood emerging from underneath the shower curtain which I accented with a knife photo. Not sure it's the sort of home decor that Janet Leigh would like, but it's going in my bathroom.

A door doesn't have to be just door shaped though. I recently received, via a swap, a coffin cut from chipboard and a skeleton that fit's beautifully inside. Plenty of templates out there on the net. I covered the coffin with paper and added an RIP charm I had. Did you know, if you add a splot of glossy accents and then smear it all over with the side of your finger, you get a passable polished coffin wood effect? Well, you do now.

I added some red crystals to my skeleton's eyes, and then you can leave the door somewhere either closed of half open to make it easier. I imagine skeletons, having not much in the way of  muscle tone, might appreciate the extra help.

And finally, arachnophobes look away now! It's going to get worse!!

I wanted to use the last bit of the shadow box, seeing as I had now used the other bits and couldn't really get a refund any more! So, I lined the base with paper with webs stamped over it, and filled it with a couple of fake plastic spiders and that fake web stuff that you can get in the Halloween aisle at this time of year. I made a web from thin black wire and added another spider, so hopefully it has a bit of depth and looks like a spiders' lair. A door made from embossed and inked card completes the deal.

Just for fun I'm entering this into The Male Room Challenge  and the Left of Center Challenge blogs.

Well, that's it for me for today. Tune in to see another fab project tomorrow, and the next time I post will be for our last Wicked Wednesday giveaway.

Stay spooky.



  1. Absolutely brilliant! Such inventive and spooky projects. Thanks so much for playing along with The Male Room this week!

  2. Love the spider, would love to do one of these for DD1.......she hates spiders!!!!!!

  3. They are all great but the zombie door has to be my favourite, love the arms pocking through, so clever and creepy too. Thank you for joining us at TMR.