Sunday, 2 November 2014

Left of Center

Well, it's been a whirlwind Halloween journey for us here at The Weird Scissors.

We have entered some challenges over at the lovely Left of Center challenge blog and they are having a DT call. Now, we at the weird scissors love love LOVE the darker side so this was right up our street. We found ourselves there by accident and never left! We may have entered one or two challenges *ahem* but there is always more to do :)

This whole blog is down to the lovely Lou who started the whole thing rolling with the seemingly innocent suggestion of "wouldn't it be fun to do a Halloween blog?". Now, there are four of us working on it and we take turns, which is great as when life throws carp at us (as it so often does) then there is always someone to step in.

Also, we all have quite different styles as you can see below.

Lou,  VirginiaJas and Bex

Having got a taste for it, we would like to continue the fun throughout the year, so we are throwing our names into the hat, so to speak.

We also have a fb group here.

Whatever happens, we will be back soon.

The Weird Scissors.


  1. Would just like to say how much I have enjoyed following this blog; you ladies have had some amazing ideas and inspiration, so a big HURRAH and thanks xx

  2. Thanks for your LOC DT Call application! We love your work over at LOC and will be in touch! mo x

  3. I love this blog! Such inspiration! Keep up the great work ladies x