Sunday, 2 November 2014

2. Dia de los Muertos Part Three and giveaway winners

Love the memory quilt Lou and a great tutorial on making tissue paper fabric. I still have some left after my project here so I will be having a go at that.

Firstly, the Wicked Wednesday giveaway winners of the canvas/card/pendant sets are:

Pauline Davidson (from facebook)
Donna (Snarky Stampers)

I will be in touch shortly for address details.

Now, my final project before we have a little break - mini matchbox pinatas. Remember the mini matchbox monsters I made? Well, I still had some matchboxes left and I love pinatas (and always have them whenever we have a party) so I thought that some mini ones would be fun.

Now, these are just the matchboxes, covered in fringed tissue paper at the top and sides.

I wasn't sure what to do to decorate them, so I looked to my shower curtains for inspiration. Yes, I have Mexican Folk Art shower curtains like these!

I did my own interpretation of the couple in Posca and Sakura gelly roll pens. I wanted them to look a bit naive so they are deliberately rough. That's my excuse anyway.

Next thing to do was to poke a hole in the centre of both the top and bottom of the inner box. I threaded one loop of ribbon through the top and knotted it on the inside, and a few different ribbons at the bottom, again knotted on the inside of the box. Fill the box with little sweeties and then just pull on the bottom ribbons to open them up.

Fun as little table decorations just as they are. However, if you want to hang them up and make them open more like real pinatas, cut the inner box in the bottom two corners as shown below, then use some sticky tape to stick the box back together,

Hang them up and pull the ribbons at the bottom. As the bottom is now weaker than the top, the taped flap should open up spilling the sweeties out of the bottom. You could of course just bash them with a stick too I guess!

There are other ways to decorate them too. Here, I used some skulls cut from a napkin.

The other thing to do is the classic sugar skull. Here, I used this picture drawn by my super talented daughter Alex (thanks Alex), scanned and reduced in size on some white pinatas. Loads of possibilities so have a go.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who has worked to make this blog happen, both the lovely contributors and the equally lovely people who have taken the time to read and comment here. It's been a lot of work but huge fun.

I have entered this into the Left of Center challenge because, well I can!

We will be back after a little break with some Christmas crafting on the dark side.

Thank you all.


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