Saturday, 14 February 2015

Say it with ceramic giveaway

Hi all

Recently there was a plea from Sarah - our friend at Free Art Friday, Swindon for more artwork including some that could go out this weekend.

I've been playing with some glass/ceramic paints lately and found some bargain tiles, add those with a dash of stencil playing and mwah a plethora of heart and love festooned pieces to give away.

I measured up my tile and printed out the wording I wanted, adhering some lightly sticky backed plastic I had lying around to the tile and traced the design onto it.
being very careful with my very sharp scalpel I cut out the design, slowly peeling away the letters as I went, tiding any nicks or edges. 

Then using a cut up pan sponge, I stippled my pebeo vitrail paints in rose and red/gold on the white tile, the fantasy moon paint on the black, peeling away the plastic as soon as it was fully covered - Don't wait until it dries, don't attempt a second coat.
Ta'dah finished tile - now these will stand up to a gentle washing and drying but probably can't be used as a regular coaster, if I was wanting repeated use I would give it a quick coat of resin to protect it.

a just because gift for a friend, stippled greengold vitrail paint with 'I heart brains/zombies' depending on how your thoughts are leaning that day..

Because I have a few spare tiles left, in case you can't get to Swindon or manage to find one when you're there, I'm offering a bespoke giveaway, 
by my counts there are 6 designs in 4 colour ways, add a comment to here or on our FB page for a chance to win your choice.. 
whether you say something nice or just what colour/design you want by Thursday 19th, the winner will be announced in Friday 20ths LOC post.

Enjoy your weekend and keep an eye out for more un/loved up posts

Jas x 


  1. :) these are great! I have not visited you blog before and have just dspent a few moments scroling though your posts .:D fab ideas - love them - The box is wonderful and i love the flower card with the eye in the centre.

  2. Fab project Jas, you always come up with something different. X