Saturday, 14 February 2015

Voodoo U Love

Happy Valentines my lovely scissorettes. My offering today is an altered chocolate box. Well chocolates are a gift of love are they not?

Voodoo U Love?

It all started with a box of chocolates and a bit of paper mache....

Altered Box
1. Remove lid, cover box in a layer of old book pages to give stability to the box - will be covered so any paper will do, leave to dry.
2. Take some black tissue paper, scrunch up well and glue to box, ensuring the inside, sides and outside edges are all covered.  The tissue paper layer should be very crinkly.  Leave to dry.
3. Use treasure gold to highlight all those gorgeous wrinkles.
The Heart
1. I've used funky foam and cut out 4 hearts each one increasing with size. Using the hot glue gun I attached all the layers and used the hot glue to try and smooth between the ridges created. Sorry I forgot go take pictures at this stage.  Leave to cool down.
2. Cover the heart with a few layers of old book pages - again this layer wont be fully visable later, adding scrunched up red tissue as the final layer. Leave to dry.
3. The heart was a bit bright so I slapped on some red craft paint, I'm loving the DecoArt Crafters Acrylic in Rouge Noel, but any red paint will do. Leave to dry.
4. I then smooched over some distress ink in Walnut ink,  to dull/age it a bit more.  Then swiped over some treasure gold just to lighly highlight a few areas. 
5. Attach heart inside of box with hot glue and pierce heart with 5 long pins, I think these are for jewellery making and enjoy your masterpiece.


Next up is Jas at 12pm and Sunday at 12, so come back and join us..

Enjoy your day

Lou x

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