Friday, 10 April 2015

Left of Center 73 - a little something different

Over at Left of Center this week we have a challenge to use spots and/or stripes. I must admit I cheated a little as I only used the stripes on the image I used, which is Grimm Doll 2 from Limited Runs.

I was wondering what to do with this lovely image (I also have Grimm Doll 1 which is equally fab) when, in a rare moment of actually trying to tidy my craft space, I found my last sheet of printable fabric. Not I have only used this once before but I'm going to order some more now. I printed the doll twice onto the fabric, one image reversed, coloured with my copic pens and cut about a 2cm border all round. I pinned them together inside out and sewed around, leaving a small (about 0.5cm) border of plain white around the edge and a small gap at the top of his head. I then turned it inside out and stuffed it through the small hole, added a little ribbon to the top to hang him from, and sewed up hole.

Now, I am no seamstress and this is my first attempt at doing something like this. When I get my new supply of printable paper I will do it again and probably not leave so much border around the edge. Also, copic pens need a much lighter touch on fabric so the colouring is a bit off, but hey ho, you learn from your mistakes right? Anyway, he seems a bit lonely so I can't wait for my new fabric to arrive so I can make Grimm Doll 1 to keep him company.

Thanks for looking, and see you again soon I hope.



  1. I can see you making a whole load of these dolls Rebecca . He does look lonely & need a friend.

  2. He is fabulous - what a great idea. I agree with Jill, I can see you making a whole little family of these :D

  3. So awesome Bex! Love him, had to read more about him.....really needs some sibs!