Saturday, 16 May 2015

scifi month continues or aye aye, thats still no moon!


With international yarn bombing day less than a month away - 11 June 15 don't cha know - I thought it was time I got my act in gear,

My crocheting seems to have picked up the pace a bit since I started with my monsters around Feb. and since then I've done a couple of sci-fi related items.

The latest of which is my Death Star cushion
Left: First death star pre Kaboom right: second half built effect DS, on either side of the cushion.
 As much fun you can have with 2 balls of metallic silver wool from the £1 shop, (I probably would have used less if didn't double up so it doesn't end up holey,) this pattern, a 4.5mm hook and a few hours.

I also made my first crocheted surprise gift for a friend who had seen this dude on fb and fell in love, this pattern was from here

and finally as a birthday pressie how about the beautiful baymax from big hero 6. I challenge anyone to watch it and not cry. 

As I've been having so much fun I have 3 mini crochets to give away, a Marvin (from HHGTTG) head, a Baymax head, and a teeny tiny baby death star like this one:

all you have to do is leave a comment here or on our FB page for a chance to win. 

And talking of winning it seems like everyone has forgotten about the chance to win real craft vouchers from either Art from the Heart or Country View Crafts.  Meaning you've an even better chance of winning :)  

We honestly couldn't make it any easier, any project with any thing remotely not real, is in with a chance, show us your myths, monsters, or magical beasts, space, superheros and everything in between before midnight on the 25th May.

Talking of mythical beasts, I'm taking part in a tunnel book and themed mine around the Discworld.

This is how it looked setting off
the cover isn't as detailed as it should be but I was worried it might get damaged a bit as it circles the country so I plan to finish it off on its return.

as you can see lurking at the back of the book is an eye, I wanted it to be a bit like a dragon so I dragged out my new favourite stamp (creative expressions), flooded it with a couple of layers of gesso and left it to dry for a couple of days.  Once it had well and truly dried I gently peeled it off the stamp, and was left with a sheet of flexible embellishment, hopefully resembling dragon scales.

I added a bit paynes grey acrylic, dusted heavily with mica, painted some varigated blue gold leaf to create the shine in the eye, added a cabachon and fabric for an eyelid and voila:

I wonder what stamps you have that would make fabulous gesso embellishments?

pop back next week to see what else we've been up to and thanks for looking

Jas x


  1. Wow Jas you've been very busy. Loving all your pieces, the ninja turtles are so cool, the mons are amazing too x

  2. Fantastic projects and a great blog. I'll be back.

    1. Hi Michelle.
      Could you email me your address to and whether you would like a Deathstar or Baymax so I can pop one in the post to you please?

  3. That dragon eye is amazing! This is a fun blog to read.

  4. Those crochet monsters are brilliant, my son would love those :-)

    1. Hi Jenny.
      Could you email me your address to and whether you would like a Deathstar or Baymax so I can pop one in the post to you please?

  5. Jas, I can't believe you've only just started crochet. I may have to give it a go. Plus, love the dragon skin texture tip. Very inventive!

  6. OMG Jas - I NEED that stamp and I love the scaly skin effect you got from it! Can't wait to get my grubby mitts on the book! Really love your crochet too - my daughter told me that film was a tear jerker, she watched it at a friends so now I'll need to get it!

  7. your crochet!!! Your death star is my fav!!!!!!! Super idea with the 'dragon's skin'!!!!!! I have that stamp will have to give it a go!!!!!

    1. Hi Jackie
      Could you email me your address to and whether you would like a Deathstar or Baymax so I can pop one in the post to you please? did you try the stamp effect? i'd love to see what you did with it.. please post a pic either here or on fb..

      thanks for joining us.